The Soda For You: Oogave

Hi! My name is Jacqui and I am a pop(soda) drinker. I am a huge fan of drinking pop. It’s my only addiction. I hate water and much rather drink pop. 
I recently had a chance to try Watermelon Cream by Oogave. Oogave is an organic drink. I got to admit I was a little nervous trying Oogave. I have never had an organic drink before and didn’t have a clue how it would taste. I loved the taste and went through the 4 pack pretty quickly. I am going to have to get some more. 
I looked more into Oogave as a company and learned allot. They truly are about the people(consumer) and what’s the best for them. 
They have several good values: 
Core Values – “We believe . . . ”
. . . in caring about your health, about what goes into our products, and about what stays out of our products.
. . . in being part of something bigger than ourselves, supporting our people and our communities, promoting good health, and caring for the environment.
. . . that fun and delicious can play nice with healthier, natural, and organic ingredients.
. . . that you as a consumer can be conscious about what you put in your mouth and decide what is best for you.
. . . that agave nectar is Mother Nature’s gift to the human race, that it’s a righteous treat, and that it should be shared freely with our good friends and family.
Have you ever wonder how your drinks, food, and products are being made? Oogave thought you would like to know and don’t mind sharing with you. They have put together a slideshow for you so you can see the process of the soda being made. 
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