The Best Places to Shop and Eat in Downtown LA

Food is a universal language. If there is one thing that many people would love to do, it would be eating at their favorite restaurant. Downtown LA is the home to many restaurants and is not showing any signs of slowing down. DTLA Works ensures that downtown LA is a one-stop-destination for all your food cravings.

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In this article, we showcase the best places to shop and eat in downtown LA. They are the following:

  1. Bestia – if you love Italian cuisine, then you will surely love Bestia. It is always full no matter what day of the week. People even have to wait outside and they wouldn’t mind as long as they get to taste authentic Italian cuisine. Some of its best-sellers are Spaghetti Rustichella and chocolate budino tart. At Bestia, you don’t need to go to Italy just to experience genuine Italian cooking.
  1. Pizzanista – from the name itself, it is the home to the best pizza in downtown LA. It uses the freshest vegetables you won’t find in other pizzas. It also has a wide selection of meat pizzas that your meat-lover friends will surely enjoy. Pizzanista has a custom-designed delivery box featuring the original Mike Gonzales designs and The Clash puns. 
  1. Café Gratitude – If you are vegetarian, then Café Gratitude is the best place to be. It has a diverse menu made from organic and fresh ingredients. It also has a unique take on different dishes. It operates with one goal in mind and that is to make eating clean easy. Some of the foods you shouldn’t miss when visiting Café Gratitude are fresh-pressed juices, coconut bacon, and blackened jerk tempeh. 
  1. Otium – it is the destination for every occasion. It has a lot to offer from cocktails, savory dishes, and desserts. Every dish brings you to a whole level of culinary experience. 
  1. Badmaash – How about Indian foods? Badmaash has a modern take on classic Indian dishes in a Bollywood-meets-pop art space. Every menu reflects Indian heritage. An example of the dish you should not miss when visiting Badmaash is chicken tikka putine. 
  1. Redbird – If you are looking for authentic California dishes, then Redbird is the place to be. Redbird is all about elevated service and the best cocktails. Its staple dishes include avocado salad, grilled lamb belly, and a whole lot more. 
  1. Spread Mediterranean Kitchen – This restaurant serves classic Mediterranean dishes that the world loves such as salads, wraps, and sides. It never runs out of Mediterranean staples.

The downtown street of Los Angeles is truly a heaven for food lovers. It never runs out of restaurants to eat and unwind. In fact, the food destinations you can find there says a lot about how diverse the city is in terms of culture and tradition. Whenever you are craving for something, head to downtown LA and you will never run out of choices. It is like taking you to a culinary ride.

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