Taylor Joelle Design: Keep her ears warm with their Purple Earflap Hat

I hate winter. I mean I truly hate winter. Outside of Christmas there isn’t anything good about it. The one thing I hate most about it is the time I have to spend bundling my kids up so they aren’t cold when they go out there. I wish I can sleep on flip flops and go right out the door, but that’s just not the case. However Taylor Joelle Designs make it a little easier.


Taylor Joelle Designs offers these cute hats that covers both ears and the head. I had a chance to try out their Purple Earflap Hat. I have said it before and will say it again my little miss Zoey is a girly girl. She loves her clothes and her accessories. So when she got this hat she feel in love with it. She wares it all the time. Regardless if she needs to. I love the thickness of the material which means its made to last the many wears (trust me it will have tons of wearing to survive!) The material is also very soft which makes it even more enjoyable for Zoey to wear. Now when I asked Zoey what she liked about it her response was “It’s purple!” It’s as simple as that in her eyes.


There are plenty of more things from Taylor Joelle to pick from outside of this hat. Although, this winter it will be mine and miss Zoey’s go to thing to keep her ears warm. Why, well it’s cute, soft, sturdy, and covers both head and ears! It’s a winner all way around.  

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