Picky Eaters

  I haven’t posted about it yet, so many of you don’t know I have a son with Autism. He is high functioning and he is in main stream classes at school, but we do have some issues. His social skills are non-existent, he has really high anxiety, he never sleeps, and he has a […]

Stop Stressing and Start Sleeping

Searching for Meaning in the Middle of the Night: 6 Steps to Stop Stressing and Start Sleeping It goes by many different names and manifests itself through many different channels, but nearly all people experience a period in their life where sleep becomes a problem. Medication is one solution, and if sleep deprivation is having […]

Getting fit with Best Buy!

You all know that I LOVE Best Buy. So one of the first things I did when I started down my better health and fitness path was looked at Best Buy to see what all they had that could helped. I found tons of products, but there were three that stuck out to me. The […]