Go Organically

Go Organically

In my house fruit snacks are something that I always have stocked away in my cabinets for my kids. We love the Go Organically Fruit snacks and use them in school lunches and for after school snacks or grab and go before heading to a sports event. The Go Organically fruit snacks come in three […]

Welch Fruit Snacks

If you have kids then this is a must have for your pantry. Welch’s fruit snacks are amazing tasting and kids love them. I love having these as a ready to go small snack for my kids and they love them. I will often send them with the kids for a snack at school or […]

Top 15 Super Bowl Snacks

super bowl snacks

  My husband is a football coach and has played football since he was in middle school. So you can bet we are always watching the Super Bowl. However, I don’t care for football. So I use it as a great excuse to make some yummy snacks.  Chicken and Tomato Meatballs Recipe  Delicious Recipes with Tyson  (Pictured) Inside […]

10 Healthy Valentines Snacks For Kids

valentine snacks

   Cheese and Crackers   Pizza My Heart  (There is no photo for this. The link also has 8 other ideas!!)  Layered Jello Hearts  Strawberry Milkshake  Heart Milk Cubes  Chex Mix  Tomato Heart   Heart Shaped Boiled Eggs  : My son is an odd ball. He is extremely picky eater, but loves hard boiled eggs. He’s going to love […]

Spotlight Sponsor Super Food Snacks

It’s hard finding snacks that taste good and are healthy for you. Well it’s just about impossible. Until recently I had lost hope of finding something that taste good, is healthy, and will give me energy. I recently had a chance to try some Superfood Snacks. I tried the sample pack, and one lucky winner will […]