Naturally Spring Cleaning Printable

Spring is here and it is the perfect time to give your space a good cleaning! This year, let me help you to clean your spaces without harsh chemicals!  This 2 week cleaning plan includes recipes for natural cleaning options! You can consider it your guide to spring cleaning! Print the Natural Spring Cleaning Plan here! This […]

Monthly Budget Printable

I have a dream! My dream is that I will be debt free in three years. It’s hard but I think it’s possible. First thing first is setting up a budget. Seeing how I am very visual person I need to have something that I can look at and actually see what I am doing. […]

Family Chores Printable

I have always wondered what age do you start children on doing chores. Just recently I realized that you can actually start them out pretty young. My oldest is 7 and he is constantly asking for stuff. He just doesn’t understand how hard money is to come by. A couple of weeks ago we started […]