Keep Kids Comfy with Meeno

For the past 5 years I had to travel to go see my family for Christmas. The drive ranged from six hours to twelve hours. Can you imagine how rough that was for my little ones. Not only was it boring for them but it also wasn’t comfortable for them. Although we live closer we still have […]

IKEA- Help Others Kids Out While Providing Fun For Yours!


Nothing is better than buying a toy for my little one and it does some good for someone else at the same time! What am I talking about? Ikea stuff animals are just as sturdy as their appliances!! They are just cuter! I received three different stuff animals. Leka Circkus plays music when you pull on the rabbit’s […]

Peek-A-Boo Bear


What’s your favorite game to play with your little one? My daughter’s favorite is Peek-A-Boo. No matter what kind of mood she’s in playing a Peek-A-Boo makes her laugh. That’s when I say that Hammacher had a Peek-A-Boo Bear I knew it was a must for Carly. The Peek-A-Boo Bear is a talking bear and […]

Follow-Me Fiona with Tiny Love

tiny love

My number one requirement when looking for a new toy for my children is I want them to be educational in some way. I want it to also be enjoyable for them to play with. That’s why I love Tiny Love. Their products encourage physical and/or educational development but at the same time they are […]