IKEA- Help Others Kids Out While Providing Fun For Yours!


Nothing is better than buying a toy for my little one and it does some good for someone else at the same time! What am I talking about? Ikea stuff animals are just as sturdy as their appliances!! They are just cuter! I received three different stuff animals. Leka Circkus plays music when you pull on the rabbit’s […]

Peek-A-Boo Bear


What’s your favorite game to play with your little one? My daughter’s favorite is Peek-A-Boo. No matter what kind of mood she’s in playing a Peek-A-Boo makes her laugh. That’s when I say that Hammacher had a Peek-A-Boo Bear I knew it was a must for Carly. The Peek-A-Boo Bear is a talking bear and […]

Follow-Me Fiona with Tiny Love

tiny love

My number one requirement when looking for a new toy for my children is I want them to be educational in some way. I want it to also be enjoyable for them to play with. That’s why I love Tiny Love. Their products encourage physical and/or educational development but at the same time they are […]