Spotlight Sponsor: EcoVessel

I am a huge fan of cups. If you like into my cabinets you will see several different kind of cups or water bottles. I also find one that looks better. However, I never find one that filters the water I drink. Well that is until recently that is.    I recently tried Eco Vessel Aqua Vessel […]

Spotlight Sponsor: Eat Cleaner

I am a huge fan of french fries. I can’t afford to buy the pre-cut french fries bags, so I buy a bag of potatoes and cut my own. I can’t stand the taste of dirt that comes with the potatoes if you don’t get the clean enough. I will spend several minutes just scrubbing one potato.  I recently […]

Spotlight Sponsor: Natural House Cleaners (Review)

As a mom you are always concerned about what’s best for your family. I am always on the look out for cleaners that you can use that isn’t harmful for my family to be around. I recently got to try out three different cleaners from Natural House.  The first cleaner is Trashy! Trashy came in […]

Baby Bedding Zone Curtains Review/Giveaway (4/1-4/15)

  I know when I sleep at night I like it to be dark in the room. I can’t stand having the morning sun come in. I can’t stand it even more when it wakes up my little ones. Use curtains you say! Not the simple. The curtains I had still let the sun come in. Luckily I had the chance to […]

The Drain Claw: Unclog The Drain Review/Giveaway

  Welcome to The Great Swag Swap Giveaway Hop hosted by Gypsy Mama Logs and Mama goes BAM. This is a special event to thank you our readers, this is your 2nd chance to get your hands on some of the best swag from some of your favorite bloggers. Hop along from February 29th-March 7th to get your hands on some […]