Is it Halloween Yet?


This post was brought to you by Wholesale Poster Frames Just this weekend Zoey O asked me…”Is it Halloween yet?” I couldn’t believe she was asking me this. I had just made it through Halloween, her birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and my son’s birthday. I wanted a break! Enough with the holidays just for a little […]

13 Pumpkin Carving Patterns

pumpkin carvings

  News FLASH!!! Halloween is coming!!! ( You probably already knew that! ūüôā ) It’s probably one of the kids most favorite holiday and for the¬†obvious¬†reason! CANDY!!! Who doesn’t love candy? ¬†My favorite part is the pumpkins! I love decorating them for several reasons. The main reason is it’s great family bonding time. The next […]

Any Time Costumes Review

¬† ¬† What kid doesn’t like playing dress up? Who said costumes were only for¬†Halloween¬†time? ¬† If your children are like mine they love dressing up. We have a box for costumes and dress up clothes. I usually hit up Wal-Mart for the after Halloween sales, because I thought that was the only time you […]