Spotlight Sponsor: Copy-Kids

“Monkey See-Monkey Do” It amazes me how quick some kids pick up on things just be seeing other kids doing it first.  Copy-Kids picked up on this very concept.   I hope I am no the only parent out there that has trouble getting their kid to eat vegetables or fruits. I know I have […]

Spotlight Sponsor: Eat Cleaner

I am a huge fan of french fries. I can’t afford to buy the pre-cut french fries bags, so I buy a bag of potatoes and cut my own. I can’t stand the taste of dirt that comes with the potatoes if you don’t get the clean enough. I will spend several minutes just scrubbing one potato.  I recently […]

Spotlight Sponsor: Coconut World

Did you know there is something called coconut sugar? I didn’t. I was shocked and very excited when I found out about coconut sugar. I am a huge fan of coconut flavoring. I recently had a chance to try some Coconut Sugar from Coconut World.  Coconut sugar is great for cooking, baking, and just adding a little sweetness to a […]