BookLingual : Teaching Your Kids Spanish/English One Book at a Time!!


About BookLingual :  BookLingual books are specially designed to help children learn Spanish through fun reading. The books are intuitively designed and based on research to speed up language learning – even if you don’t know Spanish. Rather than making language lessons a chore or sticking kids in front of a TV – BookLingual is […]

Hugo The Happy Starfish : Character Education

Bryson started Kindergarten in August. It seemed like he turned into a boy I didn’t know anymore. He was acting out and doing things that he shouldn’t and he knew better! I tried explaining to him that things he (and his classmates)  thought was funny really wasn’t and was hurting someones feelings. That’s why I feel in love with […]

Lots & Lots of Fire Trucks, Big Trains, Toy Trains every boys dreams!!

trains and fire trucks

My son, Bryson, LOVES anything that has four wheels! He is a very curious little boy too. I will never forget the story my husband told me after he return from filling up the bus  my son. Bryson was asking him why are their two different tanks and how come he wasn’t using this one. […]