Stop Stressing and Start Sleeping

Searching for Meaning in the Middle of the Night: 6 Steps to Stop Stressing and Start Sleeping It goes by many different names and manifests itself through many different channels, but nearly all people experience a period in their life where sleep becomes a problem. Medication is one solution, and if sleep deprivation is having […]

I Want to be Your Friend!

Today is Thursday!! Why is this such a special day? If you ask my  three-year-old she will tell you it’s because she gets to go to tumbling. If you ask me, I will say because I get to watch her achieve  great things. She loves tumbling and is very good at it. Although today she did […]

Who needs a t.v. when you have children? 30 Funny Things Kids Have Said

Funny Kids Quotes

A woman told my daughter that she’s cute. My daughter replied: “I’m bad, but I’m BEAUTIFUL!” —ettkh( Every time we turn our AC on it smells like urine in the house. Last night, I asked my husband what could be causing it, and my 5-year-old chimed in from the other room: “Oh, that’s because you […]