The Surprising Possible Source for Your Back Pain

We all have mystery aches and pains now and again. One of the worst, – and most common – is back pain. If you have a back problem that can’t be traced to your mattress or a specific injury, the problem may be right at your feet, literally. Foot issues can also cause pain in your legs and hips.

The Right Foundation is Essential

Just like when you’re building a house, the strongest construction begins with a solid foundation. Your feet are the foundation for your body. Proper alignment from head to toe allows all of the joints and muscles in your body to work together without causing strain or pain. Misalignment can also make you more susceptible to injuries. Conversely, foot pain may be due to alignment problems with your back.

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Symptoms of Foot-Related Back and Leg Problems

Proper diagnosis is an important first step, but here are some signs that your back pain is rooted in your feet. One common culprit is your arches. Normal arches raise and lower to aid knee and hip rotation when walking. If yours are too high or don’t arch at all, it affects the way you walk and stand by putting pressure on your knees, hips, pelvis and lower back. You may notice that you feel pain when wearing certain shoes or going barefoot.

A quick self-check involves stepping on dry pavement with wet feet and looking at your footprint. Normal feet with healthy arches will leave a footprint with a slight curve at the instep. Fallen arches will make your footprint look almost even from toe to heel. If your arches are too high, the curve at the instep will be much deeper and more pronounced.

How to Correct Poor Alignment at the Source

You should have a complete examination to rule out other problems first. If it is determined that you have a physical issue like fallen arches, your doctor can make recommendations that might include orthopedic shoes, special socks or other remedies. When choosing any footwear, proper fit is essential. However, you needn’t sacrifice style for substance. Not with the newer foot technology.

Instead of buying your shoes off the rack, try a company that specializes in custom fit with good support. Companies like have specially designed footwear that’s been known to help. Footwear that’s designed to conform to your feet and address specific problems can start you walking on the path to relief.

If your back problems are caused by poor alignment, there’s help available. There are also exercises and therapies that can make a difference. Once you know the problem, finding a solution will come a little easier.

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