Sure Grip Miracle Mat Plate

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Feeding little ones can be a messy endeavor. They are still mastering the skills needed to feed themselves and accidents happen. Not only can dishes fall to the floor, but also food can and will too!

Sure Grip Miracle Mat Plate
Investing in great child safe dishes is a key part of feeding a little one effectively. Dishes that are made of a durable material are important, but not any dish will do. They need to be free of toxins, and made to be easy to maintain!
Nuby has been my go-to choice for years for good reason. They make products designed to work for growing bodies! We have been using the Sure Grip Miracle Mat Plate with our youngest and let me tell you what I love about it.
Sure Grip Miracle Mat Plate
The plate literally grips to the table, meaning there are fewer accidents and no dropped plates. This is so handy for an infant or toddler just learning to sit, use their hands and feed themselves!
These are sturdy, easy to clean and available in fun colors o give your little one color stimulation at meal times. These are one of the best dishes I have ever used for my kids. I wish I had these with the older kids. They really make dinner less stressful!

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