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Who doesn’t hate raking leaves in the fall especially when they get to where they are everywhere. My Husband was always having a hard time keeping up with the he yard work so I was excited when I got him the Sun Joe 130-MPH 530 CFM 13.5-Amp Electric Walk-Behind Garden Vacuum, Blower and Mulcher. This tool is an awesome addition to any man’s life. With the Sun Joe you can vacuum up the leaves in your yard and the machine turns it in to mulch that you can then easily store for use later or easily get rid of. This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!

Sunjoe Blower Vacuum Mulcher

Not only does it suck up debris but it also has a powerful blower which is great for cleaning up dust or dirt that is hard to get from your garage, work space or porch. I often have my Husband use it to clean off our patio and now it only takes him maybe 5 minutes instead of 20 to get it all done. This product is so great, not only can you suck up leaves and it turns them to mulch but you can also vacuum up packing peanuts and saw dust and it also turns them into mulch. Now yard work goes much more smoothly just use the Sun Joe like a lawn mover or vacuum and go over your whole yard. When you are done easily dispose of or save the mulch.

Sunjoe Blower Vacuum Mulcher

This is so easy to use I ended up getting one for my Dad so he could clean up more easily. Even at his age and now especially since he is retired he is always working in the garage. Now when he is done clean up is a breeze he just gets the Sun Joe vacuums up what he can then blows away the fine particles off his tools and machines. This would make a great gift for any man since it’s good for yard work and good for cleaning up until the garage. It’s so easy that even I can use it when the yard needs done but my Husband is busy or working late.

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