Should You Study at Home for a New High Income Career?

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If you’re beginning to think ahead to your return to the workplace once your child starts kindergarten, then you may have been wondering if a home study program is an option worth considering. While studying for a degree will take time, dedication and money, the rewards will be well worth the effort, and studying at home is an attractive option for several reasons.

An Online Program Fits With Your Schedule

Choosing to study for an online degree gives you a great degree of flexibility as to how you structure your day. You can study when the kids are down for a nap, and arrange for a family member or a sitter to step in when you need to take a live class or participate in a class discussion group.

An online course will typically take up 10 to 15 hours a week, and as you won’t need to budget time for travelling to and from campus, you’ll be able to fit in your study requirements fairly easily.

Online Courses are More Affordable than Brick and Mortar Alternatives

When you opt to study at a college or university campus, you will pay more for your education than if you take an online course offered by the same institution. The price difference means that you save thousands of dollars by studying at home.

Textbooks are a huge cost for students, often amounting to several thousand dollars over the lifetime of their course. While you will need to budget for some textbooks, with an online course some of the text books are included as resources for you.

By studying online you could reduce the costs of your education enough to bypass student loans altogether.

You Can Study Almost Anything Online

Whichever type of career you want to get into after you graduate you can be fairly certain that an online program exists to cater to your needs.

For example, you could study for a computer science, healthcare management, business administration, criminal justice, or a civil engineering online degree.

You’ll have the Up-To-Date, In-Demand Qualifications that Employers Want

If you choose your course carefully, you can make sure that you study for a degree that employers actually want. When you first attended college (if you already have a degree) you may have chosen a course that you enjoyed, but that didn’t exactly open up a world full of exciting career opportunities.

Before studying for a degree at home, you can research employment trends and make sure that the degree that you obtain will let you hit the ground running once you graduate.

If you studied for a criminal justice degree, for example, then your degree would enable you to apply for a variety of roles, including police officer, crime scene technician, probation officer, computer forensics technician, and many more.

Or, once you’ve completed your online civil engineering degree, you could apply for work as a structural engineer, a building control surveyor, a quantity surveyor, a construction engineer or a health and safety engineer, to name but a few.

Studying for an online degree is the perfect fit for stay at home moms looking to find a well-paid career when they return to work. It’s an affordable, flexible and practical way to upgrade your skills, while you enjoy your children’s precious early years.


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