Study Highlights Differences Between Pet Owners

A recent study has shown that dog and cat owners are indeed very different types of people. The sort of person we are will inform very much the type of pet we choose and in turn you may well be able to tell a surprising amount about someone just by the animal company they keep.

Whilst debate still rages on about which animals make the best pet, it appears that there really is no clear cut answer, with different animals very much suiting the temperament of different individuals.

So what does your pet say about you?

More intelligent

According to the study carried out at Carroll University in Wisconsin, cat owners tend to be more intelligent than their dog-loving counterparts. However, animal intelligence plays no part in the results.

The news is likely to be music to the ears of ‘cat people’ who have long claimed that their feline friends make far better pets than canines. Although they may not go shouting about it – the research also suggested that those who own cats are also likely to be more introverted, as well as more sensitive and open-minded than those with a dog around the home.

But what about dog people? What do their animals say about them?

It is not all bad news for lovers of canines. The same study found that those with dogs are likely to be more outgoing and energetic than cat lovers, being more sociable and potentially more likely to stay in shape due to those increased energy levels. Those with dogs tend to be good at following rules, whilst those with cats are far more likely to be renegades, doing their own thing and happily flouting certain rules or regulations.

Why so different?

In some ways personality will inform pet choice, but in others it may be that being around a dog or a cat from an early age will inform the kind of person they turn out to be. For example, those with dogs are likely to be outside far more often and in turn more active and energetic than those with idle felines that may be happiest when they are snoozing in the lap of luxury. So whilst those who like to stay inside may choose a cat so that they don’t have to venture out in the wind and the rain to walk their pet, those who grow up around cats may also ultimately find they spend more time inside as a result of the pet they keep.

Whether buying a cat affects intelligence is not so obvious. Maybe those with cats stay inside more and in turn are more likely to be found undertaking edifying pursuits such as reading. Or it may simply be that those with higher IQs simply prefer not having to be tied to caring for an animal in the way that owning  a dog would dictate. Either way, it seems humans are attracted to pets that reflect their personality. Fun-loving and excitable? Get a dog. Love solitude and the chance to relax? It is cats all the way.

Choosing a pet may not change you, and owning a cat may not make you Einstein, but knowing which pets will most suit your temperament and personality may ensure you choose the right furry friend from the start. Whichever one gets your vote, be sure to keep them healthy and happy, no matter how active they are, by giving them the right food from companies such as Hills Pets.



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  1. Very interesting….and on point. We have cats and I am more of an introvert. I’d rather stay in. I like that we can cuddle with our babies, then they go off and sleep for a few hours and return. Low maintenance. lol

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