Step Up in The World With Toddler Tower

My kids often ask to help me with simple tasks around the house like cooking and doing laundry. I love that they want to get involved and contribute to our household, but getting them at the right height for some tasks can be a challenge.

We tried out the toddler tower. It is an adjustable stool that grows with your child to help them reach what they previously could not. This stool has three heights and can hold up to 60 pounds. It is helpful for a variety of ages. My three year old and my 6 year old find it really handy for when they want to help cook, or wash dishes, or do anything at counter height.

I love that the Toddler Tower is so much safer than shoving a chair up to the counter. It keeps my kids in place, safely, and allows them to get hands on with my in our daily life. The toddler tower retails at under $90 and can be assembled in under 5 minutes. My family found it to be durable, easy to use and a great addition to our home. If you have small kids in your home, or as regular visitors, I would highly recommend adding a Toddler Tower to your home.

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