Spotlight Sponsor: Zylie The Bear (review)

What little girl doesn’t love teddy bears? Zylie the Bear is unlike any other teddy bear! With Zylie you can go on adventure. Zylie came with a book that told a story of an adventure she went on. Zylie came with a bag that held a little map, diary, and passport in it. The diary had blank pages where you can make your own little notes in it.

My daughter feel in love with her Zylie. It was like it was her  new best friend. A friend that took her on an adventure, gave her a chance to see the world through someone else eye, and lastly that just allowed her to have a little imagination. Zylie is working on adding coloring pages that you can print for your child to color. 

With Zylie there is a tons of fun to be had. To find more information out about Zylie you can check out her site, facebook, twitter, and youtube. 

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