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My son starts kindergarten in August. This is a very scary stage for this mommy, but he on the other hand is very excited about it. I believe that it’s not just the teachers responsibility to teach or encourage learning. I was thinking about the things that he was going to learn or need to know before entering kindergarten. The first thing that came to my mind that he will be learning is how to read. I wanted to start working with him on reading and I was at a lost on how to do it. What’s the best way to start? 

I came across “What Children Need to Learn to Read” by Michelle Vallene at Learner’s Lane.  This book was the answer to all my questions. It started from birth to the early grades. It had games, songs, and check lists. At the end of the book it has a readers goals worksheet, chart, and award. The book also came with a CD that is full of rhymes. The CD would be perfect to encourage learning while in the car. 

The site is a whole different story. It has flash cards, songs, and other resources that you can download to aid in the reading learning. There are also several books that you can buy for your children that are at the right level of reading.

To sum it up: 
   What Children Need to Learn to Read is the ultimate resource for parents and other adults who want to encourage literacy in young children. Packed with age-appropriate tips, techniques, fun activities, checklists, and common-sense suggestions, this one-of-a-kind book will answer your questions, boost your confidence, and prepare you for one of the most rewarding things you will ever do!

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