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What’s your kids favorite time of the day? Mine children love bath time! I love bath time too! I know I have said it tons of times before but all three of my precious children have VERY sensitive skin. To the point I have to use special laundry detergent. It’s very hard for me to find things that don’t harm their skin. Allot of time it’s trial and error. I have recently found something that works real great for my children. I love that it doesn’t harm their skin and they love it because it’s fun and bubbly for them!!

TruKids offer a variety of bath time products that are biodegradable formulas and have been specifically designed to protect, moisturizer and nourish children’s sensitive skin. They provide a line of gentle, natural and organic skincare that is safe to use on babies as well as big kids. I strongly believe these products would work on any sensitive skin.They work on my children and trust me it’s hard finding things that do!

What’s great is their site is full of things to encourage kids to have healthy habits. On their site they have downloadable printouts  of their earn a star checklists. 

My kids loved the bubbly body wash and my daughter didn’t complain once when I brushed her hair with the detangler. If they worked for me I know they will work for you! 

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