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As a blogger I use My computer a lot! Well you don’t have to be a blogger to use your computer a lot. Sometimes my computer drives me nuts to the point I just want to throw it out my window and would if I didn’t need it so much! 
Have you ever had problems with these issues?
  • Windows takes forever to start-up
  • Mysterious errors, crashes and restarts
  • Sluggish internet and download speeds
  • Trouble loading songs, videos and programs

If so then System Mechanic is for you! 

Trust me it’s not hard to use either. They offer three 

quick easy fixes. 

One-click repairs: One button can instantly repair all problems

All-in-one solutions: Run the essential fixes at once with
one-click PowerTools™
Automated maintenance: Let the exclusive, patented ActiveCare®
technology do all the work and fix problems automatically

What does System Mechanic do for you? Well it will…

Fixes errors, crashes and freezes
Boosts internet speeds (I have noticed a big difference in this) 🙂
Speeds up Windows start time
Restores system stability 
Cleans Clutter and junk files
Prevents slowdowns and bottle necks
Plugs security holes
Clears out private data
Improves gaming experience

In conclusion I would say if you spend any amount of time on a computer then this is a must have!! It makes a world of difference on any computer and it’s simple to use!

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