Recycled Green Toys

When you become a mom you start thinking about the safety of your kids. I find myself thinking and asking myself several questions. For example, Is that toy safe for them to play with? I am always on the look out for toys that are safe and enjoyable for my children to play with. 
Green Toys are 100 percent made in the USA. They use recycled milk jugs to make the product. Not only are the products made out of recycled stuff, but their packages are also made out of recycled products. They are made out of recycled corrugated boxes. 
I had the chance to try out their Salad Set and their brand new Mini Car Set. My daughter and my son for that matter fell in love with the Salad Set. It came with everything you need for a salad. It had card board salt, pepper, and different dressings. The vegetables you put in your salad was made with hard and sturdy plastic. The salad set is a great way to encourage children to eat vegetables. 
I also had the chance to try out their mini car set. They came in several different colors. That made my son’s day. He was excited because he had a blue and yellow truck just like Mommy and Daddy. They too are made out of very sturdy plastic. I love that because I know it will last awhile even with my son’s ruff housing. These are great toys for every little boy! 

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