Lassig Mini Sports Bag Review #2017WOMRGIFTGUIDE

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Having children in a variety of sports means that having a great bag to hold their gear and keep it neat can be a big time and frustration saving tool! The trouble with finding a bag for kids is that many of them are too big, which often times leads to a big mess!

Sportsache Mini Sports Bag
We got to try out the Lassig Mini Sports Bag in Starlight  Olive style. This is a great bag for growing kids! My daughter uses it for all of her sports. From basketball to gymnastics and everything in between.
Sportsache Mini Sports Bag
We like that it is roomy without being too big. She can store her change of clothes, shoes and some of her equipment in the bag for ease transport and access. The bag is super cute, and she is proud to carry it because someone always compliments her on its appearance and versatility!
Sportsache Mini Sports Bag
This is a much better option than a backpack in my opinion. It is durable, functional, cute and best of all, affordable at under $50. This is an investment that will make sports practices and games a little more organized and with fewer gear frustrations! The bag is available in several styles to meet the personality and preferences of your little athlete!

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