Spongebob Style Giggle Blaster #2019WOMRHoliday

If you’re like me, you might remember how much fun you had when you sprayed those silly little cans full of silly string at your friends. Now your kids can have so much more fun with this Spongebob Style Giggle Blaster, it’s honestly so fun to play with.

We actually decided to get one of these for each of us just for the fun of it, and man was it a blast playing in the yard with the kids with this. Running from each other, laughing so hard as the different sounds and phrases from Spongebob came every time you shot your gun. Plus it comes with a real working periscope making it easier to hit your target.

This kids love playing with this and they think it’s so fun to shoot the party string everywhere with it, and it’s super easy to clean up after which is a big plus being a Mom of 4. We had so much fun with this that we even decided to get some as gifts for this Christmas season for our Nieces and Nephews and I’m excited to see them play with this toy.

Even without the Party String, the kids love to run around pretending to shoot this just so they can hear the Spongebob Phrases and sounds, they crack up at them every time. If you are looking for a fun and interesting toy for a Spongebob Lover in your life, then this is one that I would highly recommend checking out. I’m so glad we decided to try them out and the kids have a blast playing with them.

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