No-Spill™ 2-Handled Soft Sipper Cup

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

My daughter Harper is a few days away from being 9 months old. I have to admit I am disappointed that she still drinks from a bottle. My son took to a sippy cup at 4 months old. It has not been as easy with my daughter. We have tried several styles of sippy cups, but she hasn’t figured it out yet. Nuby has a cup that is helping to make the transition from a bottle to a cup a little easier. Let me tell you a little more about the No Spill 2 Handled Soft Sipper Cup:

No-Spill™ 2-Handled Soft Sipper Cup

6 months +

7oz / 210ml


For initial cup drinking

Encourages natural drinking action & oral development

Soft, silicone spout


My Thoughts: 

The cup is very easy to clean, which always makes me a happy mom. I liked the soft top of the cup and the tiny handles that are perfect for little hands.The soft tip reminds me of a bottle nipple in texture.The cup is durable, which is always a plus. The cup is just the right size for a baby learning to use a sipper cup.  Harper was willing to give it a try, but she still doesn’t have much interest in using the sippy cup, but we will continue to work this No Spill 2 Handled Soft Sipper Cup into our routine on a daily basis.  With practice she will catch on.

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