Smarttemp By Infanttech Review

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Thermometers have come a long way since I was a child! The days of sticking a mercury filled glass stick are gone, thankfully and there are so many wonderful ways to track a temperature in a sick child now!

Temp Traq Review smarttemp by infanttech is one of the most innovative products for dealing with a fever that I have ever used.
Temp Traq Review
Let me tell you why I liked Smarttemp . Having 4 kids in the house keeps me pretty busy; both physically and mentally! When one of the kids is ill, I want to stay on top of the situation. But, with so much information coming at me, and so many needs to meet, sometimes it is too easy to lose track of time and variables!
 Smarttemp  monitors the temperature and the history with use. This is so handy! The info will be at my fingertips via the app, so no matter how distracted I become, I can closely monitor my child’s fever.
Temp Traq Review
I also liked that I could let my child sleep and still monitor the temperature! Not having to wake a sick kid for a temperature check is wonderful and it offered me so much peace of mind!
I would highly recommend this product to other parents. It is accurate, easy to use and very handy!

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