My kids love to build and I love to encourage their imaginations and creativity!  Shape Mags are a perfect solution for hands-on play with loads of learning possibilities! This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!

  Shape Mags (ad)
Shape Mags are magnetic shapes that you can construct with. I love that this toy challenges young minds while offering them an irresistible outlet for creating, building, and designing whatever their imagination can come up with!
Shape Mags promotes learning in so many ways! From critical thinking skills to fine motor skills. Math and early geometry skills are enhanced with play with Shape Mags too!
The magnets in this set are strong and will hold whatever your little architect constructs. I think this is a great t Shape Mags oy for kids of a variety of ages. Kids have a natural curiosity that will keep them coming back to Shape Mags and trying their hand at a masterpiece.
Available in several kits this is a great investment in cognitive development and good old-fashioned building fun. Shape Mags make a great gift idea for kids and an excellent educational toy that is certain to get a lot of play! My family has been very happy with our set of Shape Mags and would happily recommend them to other families!

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