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Do you know what my favorite part about moving has been? No, it wasn’t the packing or the unpacking. It was redecorating. So I was very excited to get to try out some product from Rendi.

Rendi has a variety of products that you can use to decorate your home. I got there Small Scallop Picture This! photo sign with a chain. The designing process was very easy. You uploaded what picture you wanted and then typed in what phrased you wanted.  The photo is imprinted somehow on to a piece of wood type material.  The picture I decided to use was a picture of me and my youngest on our vacation this past summer. We had visited several different attractions in South Dakota. One of them being the Dinosaur Park in Rapid City.  My husband and two older kids had walked up this hill to see the last dinosaurs. I had decided to stay behind with Carly. While we were waiting I decided to take a picture of her and I together. To this day it’s still my favorite picture of us(of me, to be honest!) So what better way to keep this special memory then with a photo sign. So needless to say I was very excited to get my photo sign!

I have to say the wait for this was well worth it. I loved everything about it. The packaging the used was great. It made it feel like I was getting a gift; something really special! Which is very true! When I opened the packaging I was very impressed how the photo looked. There was no discoloration or flaws. Everything was clear and plan as day. I have been here for almost two months now and my walls are blank. This was the first thing I hung up in our house.

We all know that the youngest gets left out of certain things. Baby books don’t get filled out as well and we don’t always do the special mementos that we did with our first or even our second.  What I love about this is it something that I can passed down to Carly and she will always be able to hold onto that special memory. Rendi has several other great products that make sharing memories easy. To see a full list you can visit their site.

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  1. I like anything that you can use to spice up the home decor. Definitely entering this one! Thanks for the review – I’m looking at the site now!

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