Safety 1st High Door Lock

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

My youngest has magic powers! I swear it! LOL. She’s always managing to get into rooms that I had locked. It took several tries, but I finally found away to keep her out of a room that she doesn’t need to be in. Safety 1st High Door Lock works great against her magic powers!


The high door lock allows door to be locked with access to open it from both sides of the door. Automatically engages to prevent a door from being opened.

Safety 1st High Door Lock

My Thoughts:

When my boys were younger I loved this product and actually still love it for my daughter. This helps so you can keep the door locked up high out of the child’s reach so they can’t just open the door and leave. Also could be used on cabinets to keep kids out of food or out of other areas of the house where you don’t want the kids going. These are a fantastic safety feature for any house.

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