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My children love watching television.  I don’t mind if they watch television as long as it’s educational.  However, it’s hard to find things that are educational and enjoyable for the little ones to watch.  With Rock N Learn DVD’s that’s not a problem. My kids love them! 

Rock N Learn has come out with a new series of DVD’s. They are meant just for your preschoolers. There are seven DVD’s in the series. 

1. Ready For School

2. Alphabet Fun

3. Colors, Shapes & Numbers

4. Favorite Rhymes 

5. Phonics for Beginners

6. First Sight Words

7. Spanish For Beginners 

I got the chance to view Ready For School. My daughter is 3, and this is her favorite movie. We also have the movie Getting Ready For Kindergarton. Several times since getting PreSchool Ready For School she has several times that she wants to watch her movie not bubba’s school movie. I love that she’s only three and she’s already interested in tying her shoes. In fact she tries to tie mine! Granted they end up in knots, but she’s three and she’s working on it! Not only has she been showing interest in tying shoes but also in writing her letters! All this comes from watching this DVD. Not only does the DVD go over educational items, but also covers social skills. Such as standing in line quietly and raising your hand to ask for stuff. We have two more years before she is ready for school and she’s already telling me she wants to go to school like her bubba! 

Do you have a little one that is fixing to go to school? If so then I strongly encouraging you to check out these DVD’s they really do make learning easier and fun for your children! 

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