Review: Nuby Animal Chimes

Although I received this product free in exchange for my honest review, all opinions stated here are completely my own.

We all know as babies get older they need toys to play with to help engage them and work on developing their motor skills. With these Nuby Animal Chimes recommended for babies age 3 months and older you can let your child have fun.

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This cute animal features bright colors, hard, and soft surfaces as well as rings on the end. Hanging rings engages baby and encourages them to grab at them when they are hanging from a car seat. When you order this you can either get a dog or a lion. These are perfect for attaching to car seats or strollers while out with baby.

This is a very colorful toy with different designs on it and with the hard and soft surfaces the baby will have tons  to explore while playing with it. When it hangs from a car seat baby works on motor skills by reaching up and grabbing the toy with their little hands. Like so many other nuby products this one scored well with those who I talked to who have also used it.

Review: Nuby Animal Chimes

My nephew just turned 3 months old and so I gave him this toy because I liked it and thought he would love it as well. He just started learning to grab at things so his Mom loves putting this on his car seat or on a floor toy for him to grab at. A few times he has gotten a hold of it and feels around the different surfaces and then of course chews on it every now and then. She always makes sure it’s one of the toys she packs when they are going to be out for a while because it’s a nice quiet toy that keeps him really engaged.

Review: Nuby Animal Chimes

I also have a friend who has a 1-year-old and she said she got this for him and he loves playing with it. He will sit and feel the hard and soft areas trying to figure out why they are different. He also loves it when she puts it on his stroller when they go for walks. She also said she doesn’t worry about him chewing on the hard parts.

This is a great toy for babies and one that I would recommend giving as a gift for getting for your own little one to enjoy.

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