Review: Head-aid

Although I received this product free in exchange for my honest review, all opinions stated here are completely my own.



As a very busy Mom who is always on the go, I don’t always have time slow down or stop when I feel a headache coming on, and I don’t always have pain killers with me. So when I go the opportunity to try Head-aid I knew I couldn’t turn it down.

With Head-aid you can get the Head-aid daily Mixed Berry which is a great product that you can use everyday to help prevent headaches from occurring. Fast acting day Lemon ginger is for when the headache has hit and you need to get rid of it quickly. Than fast acting night chamomile ginger is for those nights when your head us aching and you need something to help your body relax.


These all come in powder packets that you can add to almost any drink whether it be water, juice or a smoothie. Plus you can take the Head-aid daily and Head-aid fast acting together if you need to. Plus Head-aid was made so that you could use it in combination with other headache or migraine medication.


I now keep the Head-aid fast acting in my purse so that I have it with me at all times and can use it whenever needed. I even have my 12-year-old use the Head-aid daily to help with his headaches. The Head-aid daily is okay for children 12 and older and only one packet per day for them. I have not tried the fast acting day or night with my son at all.

This product is definitely worth a try if you suffer from several headaches a month. You might just find that this product really does help you out with your headaches. I have noticed that I don’t use migraine medication as much as I used to anymore.

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