Review: My Friend Teddy

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When I was little I had a teddy bear that was like a best friend to me. His name was Snowflake and he went everywhere I did! Even followed me to surgery one year. I wanted something like this for my youngest daughter, and just this year she finally found her friend. His name is “My Friend Teddy!”

Review: My Friend Teddy


  • MY  FRIEND  TEDDY  is  a  cuddly  teddy  bear,  designed  equally  as  a  personalized  plush  toy
    companion, as well as a development tool for preschoolers.

  • Parents are able to customize child specific information, such as favorite characters, family names, and birthdays, and Teddy will incorporate them into his engaging interactive and storytelling dialogue.

  • MY FRIEND TEDDY also features numerous activities to further enhance motor skills and language development, via interactive learning games, counting exercises while offering multiple degrees of complexity built-in, allowing parents to adjust learning levels appropriately as the child develops.

    Review: My Friend Teddy

My Thoughts:

Besides being cute and cuddly this teddy bear is pretty neat! I wish I had one when I was little. Carly Jo will be five in just a few short weeks and she loves this thing! It’s very easy for her to use. I hand her the tablet and she will set on the couch for hours and hours playing with it. I asked her what her favorite thing about Teddy was and she that it told her stories. I personally like that you can personalize it and adapt it to your child. It makes it unique just like she is!


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