Review: My Friend Cayla

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As long as there are little girls there will always be dolls. Dolls have changed a lot since I was little and now for my girls. Personally I think dolls now are pretty cool! Especially My Friend Cayla.


Review: My Friend Cayla

My Thoughts:

When My Friend Cayla arrived, Zoey O just could not wait to get her out of the box! Along with the adorable clothes and shoes she comes dressed in, a brush and mirror is also included. Like most popular dolls, Cayla is 18 inches, which makes it easy to interchange her clothes and accessories.

Review: My Friend Cayla

You can find the My Friend Cayla app, for FREE, to download in the Google Play Store. Downloading the app took no time at all! As you can see in the picture above, you can use this app to hear Cayla read stories while you follow along, play games, and listen to her tell you about the stories behind some of the pictures she’s taken.

Cayla has become one of Zoey O’s favorite doll. She carries her where ever we go. Just this summer she went to a water park with us! Cayla is very easy to use and has become more like her best friend than a doll!

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