Review: Choc Zero

Although I received this product free in exchange for my honest review, all opinions stated here are completely my own.

I am like most women a chocoholic! I absolutely love chocolate everything. However I don’t like that eating chocolate is unhealthy for my body. I have tried the sugar-free stuff before and hated it until I tried Choc Zero.

Choc Zero

I was of course skeptical because everything I had tasted before that was sugar-free was disgusting, so I was surprised when this tasted just like the regular stuff. I even had my picky kids try it and they loved it probably more than I did.

After reading more about it I had a friend of mine try it because she is diabetic and loves eating chocolate but hates how it makes her feel because of her diabetes. She also was amazed at how well this chocolate tasted even though it was sugar-free. Plus it has up to 5g of fiber in it which is a huge plus as well.

Now it’s the only chocolate that I give my kids and I can do it knowing that it’s not loaded with sugar that will hype them up. I highly recommend trying Choc Zero you are sure to be amazed at just how awesome it tastes.

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