Replacing Your Bad Habits With Better Ones

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The media is a very powerful tool that has been telling us all sorts of things since we were little. However, with the advent of the internet and free resources online, it’s become easier and easier to find ways to discredit the media and form our own opinions about something. At least, assuming that we can find credible sources for our data.


Bad and unhealthy habits have become a major talking point among the media and journalists because when there’s a problem, there’s always a solution that involves money. For instance, are you eating unhealthily? Don’t worry! Simply replace unhealthy foods in your diet with these expensive supplements and overpriced foods that are no different, they just have the word “healthy” slapped on them!

Replacing Your Bad Habits With Better Ones



You can’t kill habits that easily


Any smoker that has quit will tell you that it’s not easy. Once you completely cut something out of your life that your body depended on, you’re going to suffer from withdrawal, you’ll feel sick and you might even relapse a few times. This is why many people have turned to replacing bad habits with better ones instead of completely cutting them out. For instance, smokers have turned to using e-cigarettes, vaping and e-nails in order to reduce the carcinogens they take into their bodies from traditional tobacco. It’s debatable whether swapping one addiction is healthy in the long run, but there is no doubt that replacing an addiction that damages your health is a good start on the road to recovery.


Healthier alternatives


Another bad habit that is creeping over the world is overeating and unchecked portions. If you’ve been eating large portions your entire life, it takes an extraordinary amount of willpower in order to cut down your portion sizes and lose weight. Instead of simply cutting down the amount of food you eat, there are ways to continue eating just as much but still maintain a healthy weight. For instance, a portion of vegetables and fruits is going to have far fewer calories than a portion of meat. Instead of simply reducing the amount of meat and vegetables you eat for dinner, simply replace some of the meat you would’ve eaten with even more vegetables. This way you can continue eating large portions but instead of taking in too many “bad” calories, you replace them with better ones.


Fitting more exercise into your day


A workout plan is hard to stick to for someone that isn’t very active. This is why it’s important to introduce exercises into your diet slowly and replace bad habits with better ones. For instance, if you find yourself driving for five minutes to your local grocery store, considering saving money on petrol and walking or riding a bike. You won’t be able to carry as much as you can in a car, but that just means you’ll have to make more regular trips. Alternatively, you could take the stairs instead of using an elevator, or you could get off public transport a spot earlier and walk the remaining distance to get a few more steps into your day.

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