Realities of Life With An Unusual Pet

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Realities of Life With An Unusual Pet

So you’re considering a pet?


Dogs? So passe.


Cats? Everyone has them, and besides, they’re all over the internet. There’s nothing novel about something so prosaic as a cat.


Birds? Do they even do anything?


Hamsters? Fun, for all of five minutes.


So you’re stuck. You want a pet, a little creature to share your life with, but you’re in need of some inspiration. You turn to a search engine to find a species that is going to work for you and your family.


It will take you less than a second to find suggestions for unusual pets. You will find yourself marveling at the options. Why not a domesticated fox? Or perhaps a hedgehog – who knew they came in such delightfully small varieties? Ooh, but what about a snake! Now that would be a stunning unusual pet.


These animals are tempting because they are unique; something different. They offer different challenges and step outside of what’s considered normal.


But before you jump into the world of rare pets, there are a few things you need to know…


  1. Your Resources Are Going To Be More Limited


If a cat owner has a problem, then they have roughly eleventy-million different forums they can frequent for advice. Same for dogs; rabbits; even hamsters – an online froth of insight, knowledge and shared tips.


The more unusual your pet is, the less of this hive mind you have to tap into. That means if your chosen friend has a health issue, you might be on your own when dealing with it. At the very least, you have to be ready for high vet consultations as you might not find the answer you need without doing so.


  1. Your Learning Curve Is Going To Be Steep


In general, we all know how to handle the more common pets. You pay dogs; stroke cats; ignore tarantulas and pretend they don’t exist. The usual.


If you have little experience of your chosen novelty, you don’t have that basis of information. You’re going to have to be ready to hit the books (and internet) in a cram session that resembles your student days – and everyone in your family is going to have to do the same. You can’t just fall back on the things you think you know – you’re going to have to develop an entirely new set of instructions.


  1. You Might Not Get The Standard “Pet” Behaviors


You look at a picture of a domestic fox. You think it’s adorable. You are correct in this. Quickly, your mind is filled with the idea of snuggling with a fox. Playing catch with a fox. Trimming the claws of a fox. All the usual pet things.


Unfortunately, your fox might not be okay with that. It’s the same for all unusual animals; they might not conform to the “expected” pet behaviors. You might never get a snuggle.


  1. It’s Completely Worth It


These creatures offer a wonderful experience as a pet owner and one you will learn to cherish. You might have to visit the vet more often or learn to accept a hand nuzzle as the same level of affection as all night curled up on the sofa together – but you will accept it. They’re pets; they’re different. And that’s amazing.


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  1. says

    We have had some interesting pets over the year, one of the main ones was a Ferret! It was a cool pet but it was a lot harder to keep than what we thought. I think it really comes down to the time you have available as some pet’s need more attention than others and it’s not fair to get any pet without being able to give it the time it needs. Thanks for share, you mention some great points.

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