Reaching Out When It Gets Too Much

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There’s a lot of pressure to be perfect. The perfect mum, the perfect wife, the perfect employee. Sometimes it can all become too much. It’s understandable to want to try and handle your problems alone, but sometimes even the most independent woman needs a helping hand. Admitting you need help is tough, but doing so can stop things spiraling out of control and make sure you get the support you need.

Admitting to yourself that you’re struggling

Before you can speak to anyone else about your problems, you need to be able to admit them to yourself. If you’re being kept up at night by your worries, struggling to eat or find yourself more emotional than usual – you could be suffering from depression or stress. There are some surprising signs of depression, but if you feel like it’s all getting too much for you, then it’s time to do something about it.

Asking for support when you need it

Once you admit to yourself where your issues are, you can work on resolving them. If it’s a work issue, you need to speak to your employers. If your issues are at home, reach out to family and friends. Keeping your family together when things go wrong takes work, communication and plenty of patience. Talking your concerns over with family members will help you to come up with solutions you might not have considered, and at least show them that you need some help. Often we reject help when it’s offered to us but instead of saying ‘no,’ start saying yes.

Getting further support when it’s not enough

Sometimes your family and friends can feel at a loss to help you, but there are other solutions available. If your problems are related to addiction or dependence on medication, you should consult your doctor who can advise you on the right course of treatment. It may be that they recommend a recovery center like and therapy as a way to overcome your issues. The sooner you get help for your problems, the sooner you can recover.

Taking a break

Sometimes all you need is a break from everything to help your body and mind catch up. There are many signals that tell you that you need a break, but how many of us listen? Even the smallest of vacations can help you to recharge your batteries and put some much-needed distance between you and your issues. Even something seemingly small like having a babysitter take over for the day/night while you catch up on chores can make a difference to your week.

It’s ok to struggle

Many of us put on a front when something is wrong, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something hiding behind those smiles. Just because your friend or colleague look as though they have everything together, it doesn’t mean that they’re not struggling behind closed doors. Comparing yourself to others is dangerous territory, made even easier with Instagram and Facebook serving as platforms to project your best bits and hide your worst. There are some great things to remember while you feel like you’re struggling, many of which can help you become a better person because of what you’ve been through. Making it out the other end will make you more confident and capable, and help you when faced with your next challenge.

Offer advice to others

Reaching Out When It Gets Too Much

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As things begin to settle and you get the help you need, remember to pass on your wisdom and advice to others who might need it. If someone you know is struggling, offer them a helping hand. They may not take it at first, but if you persist and share your own experiences they might just let you in. As you’ll know from your own feelings, they may seem like they’ve got things together on the outside – but keep an eye out for those silent signs that all is not as it appears. It’ll be a wonderful feeling knowing that you’ve helped someone who was in the same position as yourself.


Getting the help you need won’t happen on its own, you need to reach out. Your family, friends and support network will want to be there for you and help you make passed the problems you’ve found yourself facing. If you don’t speak up, you’ll continue to fall, so make sure that you reach out to those around you to get some help when it all gets too much.

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