Push-Pull-Turn Fire Truck to the Rescue

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 Push-Pull-Turn Fire Truck to the Rescue

If you have a child that loves Fire Trucks then this book is sure to be a hit with them. Push-Pull-Turn Fire Truck to the Rescue is a fantastic book that introduces children to the world of firefighting!

In this book, children will read and learn about the world of fire stations, the fire engines, the fire helicopters, and fire fighting practices. This story is written as a rhyme and follows a fire crew through their day from leaving the fire station, to being on the road and arriving at the place of the emergency where they tackle a building that is on fire. This book also features flaps and tabs on every page that allows your child to go into greater depth in the world of firefighting.

This book is sure to give your little one joy and they will find reading it over and over again to be so much fun and entertaining. This book is good for ages 3 and up, and is great for taking on the road or for when you want a little quiet and need something to keep them entertained. I love this book because not only do kids enjoy learning through books but also it helps them to learn and understand the importance of firefighters. Such a great read, be prepared to read it to your child a million times over.


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