How To Protect Your Garden From Curious Pets

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It’s every gardener’s worst nightmare… you spend months or even years working to build the perfect, fragrant, and beautiful garden, only to have it ruined in a matter of minutes by our beloved domestic pets. This can present serious issues when it comes to maintaining a flowerbed or vegetable garden, but fortunately, this is an issue that can be easily solved!

We put together a list of some tip-top tips that will keep your garden looking snazzy all year round, no matter what tries to ruin it. Now, your only problem will be figuring out which plant or flowers you are going to plant next!

Cover Bare Soil

There’s no doubt about it… animals love digging! So, take away this opportunity by making sure all your soil is covered and protected. After clearing the land for your garden, lay down a mesh sheet or plastic paper to make the area seem less attractive to curious pests. This is a simple change that can make a HUGE difference!

Discourage It

One of the best ways to keep your dog from taking a whizz in your garden is to catch him or her right as they begin this bad behavior. Shouting “no!” and shooing your pet out of the garden will help them quickly learn that peeing on your plants is definitely NOT okay!


Got a dog who just really likes to dig? Try making him or her their very own sandbox! A 2’x4’ square of damp sand is plenty of space for your pooch to get their dig on.

Keep It Clean

Once you have your garden completely planted, you have to be incredibly careful to keep it neat and tidy. Fallen seeds, berries, and leaves look a lot like a playground to animals, so keeping these off the ground can’t be highlighted enough. Fortunately, this is a great job to have your young children do!

Set Up A Fence

This may seem like common sense, but it really does go a long way when it comes to protecting your plants! A fence of at least three feet will help keep unwelcome intruders, such as dogs, from sneaking into your garden for a midnight snack.

Plant Smart

Like humans, our furry friends tend to eat with their noses before their mouth. And, lucky for you, they hate strong smells! By choosing plants with distinctive odors, such as sage, thyme, rosemary, roses, and lavender, you can make your garden seem a lot more like a stinky place and less like a fun place to grab a snack or go for a dig.

Make It Scary

Animals don’t tend to like loud or unexpected noise or motion. So, try hanging a few windchimes or flags in your garden to keep them from turning it into their favorite hangout. As a bonus, you’ll enjoy the flash of color and beautiful music as the wind blows!

Urine Proof Your Plants

Sometimes, keeping your dog from using your garden as a bathroom just can’t be avoided. So, try planting urine-resistant plants around the perimeter of your flowerbed. Some examples of these include violas, lilac, and ornamental grasses.

How To Protect Your Garden From Curious Pets

Watch Your Colors

Having a bright and colorful garden may seem like a great idea at first, but it certainly won’t be so fun when you you receive unexpected visits from your pet. Try to limit the number of bright hues in your garden. But, if you just can’t resist (which we TOTALLY understand!), try to put your most colorful plants towards the center of the garden.

Planting a garden can be an absolutely incredible experience. Best of all, you can enjoy it for years and years to come, all while getting to spend oodles of time outside. To make sure your garden is a gift you can always keep, follow these tips to keep your pets from ruining all your hard work!

Author Bio: Emily Ridgewell is an arts professional and a pet enthusiast from sunny LA. She loves her yorkie Olivia and writes original and fun articles on ways to learn and improve your pet-best friend’s life.


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