Proper Parental Procedure: The Milestones Of Motherhood

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As far as jobs go, being a mother is one of the hardest roles anyone can perform. Despite the wide range of resources, help you can get, and the experience of others, no one will ever have an identical experience to their children. This leaves a lot in your hands, and you’ll have a lot of choices to make along the way. Your working life and career will be a big part of this. Deciding to leave or go back to your job will take a lot of forethought. To support you through, this post will be exploring some stages to give you a head start in balancing the work in your busy new life.


  • Stage One: Pregnancy

Finding out you’re pregnant is always a wonderful time in life. You have a lot to look forward to, with a new family on the way and loads to learn. Of course, though, your career also has to be considered. Between 2006 and 2008, over 80% of working soon-to-be mothers left their job within the last month of their pregnancy. In most cases, this is far too late, unfortunately.

During this part of your life, your body will be incredibly vulnerable, and you will find it a lot harder to work like you used to. You’re under tremendous strain, and pushing yourself too hard can have a negative impact on your child, so it’s worth thinking about this seriously. If you’re concerned, talking to your doctor could be a great way to get an expert opinion.


  • Stage Two: A Baby


Nine months sounds like a very long time. But, as any parent will tell you, your pregnancy will run its course in what feels like an instant. Though the pain you will endure will be great, you will gain an awful lot from it, and these first couple of years are critical to your child’s development. They need to spend time with their mom and dad as much as they can. Today, over 60% of new mothers will return to work within a year of giving birth.

If you want to form the right bond with your child, though, you shouldn’t work at all during their time as a baby. Whatever it takes, it worth working hard to make sure you can stay at home as much as possible during this period. If you have to use a babysitter, it’s best to opt for a family member over a stranger.


  • Stage Three: A Toddler


Soon enough, your little one will have excelled past their third birthday, and you can start to consider them a toddler. At this point, a lot of mom’s will send their child to a preschool or playgroup to give them some social time as they grow. Along with boosting their early development, though, this will also help to give you some free-time.

Using this free-time correctly will make or break the sort of future you have with your kids. So, it’s worth thinking seriously about your career. If your job will be low-paid with high hours, you could consider working to get something better. You should always follow your dreams, even if you have to study to get there. You might be asking yourself what can I do with a doctor of nursing practice degree or similar qualification which time in a job won’t give me? In reality, it will be a whole lot more, enabling you to push yourself towards something much greater in no time at all.


  • Stage Four: A Pre-Teen

Once your child starts going to school, the amount of time you will have will increase hugely. Of course, though, you still have to make sure that you have the time to help with their work and social activity. This is why it’s best to try and a find a job which pays more. Enabling you to work fewer hours, this will give you a lot more time at home.

At this stage, you will have likely finished your studies and will be ready to begin your hunt for a new job. Whatever you look for, it’s best to choose something with part-time hours. Giving you the freedom to spend more time at home, this sort of job will be a lot easier to manage, especially with school pick ups and drop offs in the equation. It’s important to have the right amount of time for family.


  • Stage Five: A Teenager


The next milestone in your child’s life will be their teenage years. At this point in their life, you will be able to trust them to act a lot more independently, focusing on work and finding answers by themselves. Along with this, they will start to crave more and more freedom, and you’re the one with the power to give it to them.

Thanks to this, you finally have the chance to throw yourself back into your job and should have the background to do this nice and easily. The experience and education you’ve gained over your kid’s childhood will give you a great start in getting an excellent job. A lot of new mom’s don’t look at their parental role as a chance to improve themselves. But, in most cases, there isn’t a better way to use this time.


  • Stage Six: Flying The Nest

Finally, once you kid has gone through all of their education and has reached the right age, it will be time for them to leave home and start their own life. In most cases, this sort of transition is very challenging for someone. So, it’s important that mom is there to help them through it. It should be too hard, though.

Throughout your own time learning about the job market for yourself, you can also pick up some skills to help your children. For example, writing a resume and preparing for an interview is terrifying for someone doing it for the first time. Of course, though, they don’t have to do it alone. With all of the learning you’ve done, you have the power to make the start of their adult life a lot easier, and you can start teaching this as early as childhood.


  • The Support Never Stops

Even once they’ve gone to university or left home to work, your child will still need your help for a very long time. Over the years, your role will slowly change until you become a sounding board, being there to offer advice when needed. Though they need your help, they are finally an adult. This means that you don’t have the power to tell them what to do anymore. Instead, they have to make decisions for themselves, even if you’re worried about the outcome. If they make mistakes, a good parent will always be there to help them get back on their feet. So, it’s worth holding back any I-told-you-so’s, replacing them for warm and sound suggestions. Most people take a long time to find their true career, and this time can’t be rushed.

Hopefully, this post will give you a good idea of what can be done when you’re thinking about balancing work with your new family. This guide is very comprehensive. But, in most cases, your experience will have its own quirks and differences. So, research is very important when you’re figuring this out for your family. Your doctor is always there to help you, and you probably also have the benefit of knowing experienced parents. Using these resources doesn’t make you a bad parent, instead showing how caring you really are.

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