Prom Dress Shopping at JJ’s House

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Disclosure: This post is an advertorial.

Can you believe it’s already March? This school year has gone by really fast! For many high school students it can be a stressful, fun, and exciting adventure. One of the things I remembered is prom dress shopping.  I can honestly say it’s a time I probably will never forget and not all for good reasons. It was pretty stressful.

prom dresses

I love this dress!! (under 150!)

Prom dress shopping on a budget isn’t something that can be done easily. My family was on a very tight budget and that made it hard for me to find just the right dress. We spent endless hours in several different stores searching and searching for the perfect dress. Finally on day three of shopping we found one that would work. I would rather it have some sleeves, but it was very pretty and fit our budget. If only there was a way to save on all the gas we spent going store to store, and all the fighting I spent arguing with mom about what dress I wanted. Well, guess what? There is!

prom dresses

This dress comes in different colors and is under 100!! (SCORE!)

JJ’s House was built to make parents life a lot easier! You can find several fancy prom dresses that are under a $100. The best part you don’t have to leave your home. It’s all right  online at The fun doesn’t stop there. Not only do they have the dresses but they also have shoes for you to look at.  All I have to do is give my daughter a budget to keep the dresses and shoes under. Let her look around on the site while I do dishes or something productive. Once she decided I can give her the final approval and pay for it. All is left to do is wait for it to be delivered to my front door. Sounds nice doesn’t it!

Are you prom dress shopping this year? What kind of dress are you looking for?

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