Picnic Time With Nuby

My husband and I were discussing what we should do today. The weather is nice and I wanted to get out of the house for awhile. So we settled on going for a picnic. Nuby has everything I needed to get my little man ready for the picnic. The below was provided to me to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines.

About Nickelodeon No Spill Easy Sip Cup  :

  • 9 months +
  • Insulated base keeps drinks cooler for longer
  • Bite Resistant spout
  • Fun Nickelodeon prints

About Brush & Comb Set:

  • Soft grip handle on comb & brush
  • Soft & gentle to baby’s scalp
  • BPA Free

Available at these retailers:

  • Baby Depot at Burlington

About Stainless Steel Feeding Utensils:

  • 12 months +
  • Toddler Training
  • Easy Grip handle for eating like a big kid!
  • Stainless Steel fork & spoon
  • Fun character your little one will love!

Available at these retailers:

  • Amazon

About Mosquito Repellent Clips:

  • 2 Repellent Clips
  • Clips feature a naturally derived blend of essential oils that are non-toxic and safe for adults & children.
  • Suitable for home, travel, camping, walking, hiking, overseas travel & more. 
  • Up to 15 days effective per clip with proper storage.
  • DEET Free

Available at these retailers:

  • Walmart

About Bear Character – Sure GripTM Miracle Mat Section Plate :

6 months +

·      No more dropped plates

·      Non-slip base sticks to flat surfaces

·      100% silicone wipes clean and is dishwasher safe

·      All-in-one durable silicone

·      One piece super suction base that sticks to most flat, smooth surfaces

·      Microwave and dishwasher safe

·      Dimensions: 8.75 X 9.5 in


·      Sealing Tips: Press down in the center of the plate to remove any air trapped underneath to help ensure a complete seal for added suction. Also please ensure that the surface is clean grease/oil free and dry (e.g.  Baby Wipes can affect the suction)

Available at these retailers:

  • Amazon

My Thoughts:

The first thing we had to do was get him dress and ready. So I grabbed my Nuby brush and comb set. The design on it was very cute and stylish. The bristles are soft and didn’t hurt his head. Now that he’s ready we had to pack the dishes. We grabbed his favorite cup which is his Nuby Sponge Bob Cup. He carries that thing around with him everywhere. Not once has it leaked or broken on him. No matter how many times he dropped it.

Next we grabbed his plate and silverware. His favorite plate is the bear plate. It suctions to the table that we are using so it doesn’t spill. It also has compartments so his food doesn’t mix. (Even though he may mix it himself, but that way it’s his choice!) The silverware look like tiny adult silverware but with monkeys on it. He loves them! He always feels like a big kid when he uses them. They work great and he can easily feed himself.

The lastly we grab is the Mosquito Repellent Clips. These help keep the pesky bugs way so we can enjoy ourselves on the picnic. The designs are cute. They are safe to use and easy to use. They last for about two months. Nuby has everything I needed beside the food to help make this picnic run smoothly for my little man.

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