Photo Books & Calendars ~ Show Someone You Care!

As a mom I am always searching for ways to preserve their childhood. Because after all they are only little once.  I don’t know if you are a country fan, but I am often reminded of the song “You are Going to Miss This!” One day when I was searching online for a gift idea for my mother in law I found Jessops Photos. There were two different items that kind of stuck out to me. It was their Photo Books and Personalized Photo Calendar.

Photo Books are a great way to make a scrap book without doing all the work. There are three different sizes: small, large, and XXL. My favorite and the one I will probably get my mother in law is the small. It is small enough were it will fit in a purse and easy to carry around. So something like a brag book. Meaning Nana can take these precious memories and show her co-workers. They are easy to make. You can design your own or have them design it for you. If you are doing it you will need to download the software. No worries, it’s free! The software will walk you through it. You upload the pictures, pick your design/backgrounds, and place the pictures were you want it. In the end when all is said and done you will have a special book that will help you or someone special cherish special memories!

Another thing that I really like is their Personalized Calendars. What I love about this is I can put my pictures on something that I use daily! I am a mom of three kids (four if you count my husband). So a calender is a must in my house to keep track of everyone’s appointments. It too is easy to do. All you need to do is pick what month you want your calender to start on and then add templates and photos. Then you will have a calender is unique and special to you. Instead of seeing a picture of a mountain you can see a picture of your children playing in the snow(a great idea for winter months!!) This too will be another great gift for some grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, mom, and dad.

As far as gifts go I honestly feel that you can’t go wrong with a gift that is personal, unique, and helps keep memories/special moments a live! So why not get that special someone a photo book and/or a personalized calender!


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