Pets And Pandemic- Caring For Your Dog In The COVID Era

The pandemic is an unprecedented situation that has disrupted lives. Even as humans struggle to deal with the crisis, animals are affected too. While some pet parents are anxious about keeping their companions safe, others are too stressed to pay attention. If you are a dog owner, you need to go the extra mile with your pet’s health right now, and getting dog insurance from companies like Bivvy goes a long way in case of an emergency or accident. Although the good news is that dogs are not likely to catch or transmit the virus, you cannot go complacent with their care. Additionally, there are other issues that you need to deal with. Here are some guidelines on caring for your dog in the COVID era. 

Maintain a routine

Animals tend to be comforted by routine, so you cannot go slack with one even as the pandemic affects your routine. Things will be different now, as social outings are limited, and you may still be working from home. Although you may have already established a routine during these months, it is important to assess and realign depending on your schedules, the changing season, and the animal’s needs. While you need to pay attention to walks and playtime, planning meals is equally important. It makes sense to reduce portion sizes for dogs because they are less active. Overfeeding is the last thing you should do because an overweight dog is susceptible to a host of health issues.

Understand the pet’s stressors

Right now, the mental health of pets is as big a concern as their physical well-being. They are getting lesser outdoor time, and interactions with people and other pets are limited, so things are going to be different. There will also be stressors to deal with, so keep a watch on them. Things depend on the dog’s breed as well. You need not worry much if you own a friendly breed like goldendoodle because they are less likely to show aggression. On the other hand, you may need some help with aggressive breeds or animals with behavioral problems because these issues could escalate amid a confined lifestyle. 

Be regular with vet checkups

As a dog owner, you will know the importance of routine checkups for your dog, and they have become all the more important amid the pandemic. You need to take action quickly if the animal is injured, sick, or needs emergency care. Fortunately, vets are also available for teleconsultation just like regular doctors. They would give you the recommendations over a virtual checkup and have the routine medication delivered at your doorstep. For a more serious concern, the vet may also call you for an in-person appointment. Do not ignore even the smallest signs of a health issue for the animal. Pay attention to mental health because behavioral issues are as common as physical problems these days. 

Apart from looking after your dog’s health, you need to make social distancing a norm even at home. While you may want to cuddle the pooch, keeping distance ensures safety. caring for its health is the best way to show your love right now! 

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  1. The first lockdown was really tough! I struggled a lot to get food for my dog. It was impossible to go to my vet. Finally got got the food delivered by Petcare rx, although it was a long wait (understandable though). I hope things are not as bad during the second lockdown. At least I am not as unprepared like last time.

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