Perfect Gifts For Your Infant

Do you have a toddler in your house, or one that comes to your house often like I do? Then you know having really fun and cool toys to keep them entertained is a must. The below was provided to me to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines.

One of our favorites to have on hand for when my friends bring their kids over or for when my nephew visits is the Chapa the Lion My First Tablet. This tablet is amazing and fun for kids to play with and it helps them learn how to read. This tablet is made for ages 12 months and up and includes four different learning activities. There are 11 pages that are filled with brightly illustrated images of animals, food, musical instrument and everyday objects. There is something for every letter of the alphabet making learning the alphabet easier and more fun for your little ones. All the letters of the alphabet have a fun sound effect for them and musical melodies and flashing lights which helps to hold your child’s attention while they are playing with this. One thing I really love about this tablet is the fact that there is a quiz mode so you can see how well your child is learning. My nephew is just a little over a year old and learning to talk and he loves playing with this and learning to recognize his letters. This is a great toy for any toddler to have.

Another fun toy to have around is the Musical Pop Up Mrs. Toaster. This toaster is full of lights and sounds and buttons to push and really keep little ones entertained trying to figure out how it all works. It’s so fun for kids to help in the kitchen and now with this pop up toaster they can play pretend and make different kinds of toast. You simply push down the happy smiling slice of bread and then your little one can press the toast button to watch it pop up. It has sliders so they can choose jelley, honey or peanut butter and there is also a timer knob so they can get the perfect amount of flavor. I love that it comes with simple phrases and also that it plays cheerful music, my niece and nephew both love playing with this and love dancing around when the music is playing. It’s a fun toy to help keep your little one engaged in playtime.

Last but not least is the Jungle Animal Roll and Learn Ball. This toy is great for 6 months older especially if your little one is learning to crawl. This ball has it all, interactive lights and sounds, a variety of textures and experiences and colors. You can help your little one start to learn shapes, colors and animals all while they are having fun playing with this unique ball. I love the face that each jungle animal has its own unique challenge and activity. It’s simply amazing how this one simple ball can provide lots of fun and learning for your little one. There are also lights and sounds, like cheerful music and hilarious sound effects. My nephew plays with this ball for long periods of time because it’s just so fun and engaging. He has one at his house and I keep one here for him because he loves this toy so much. If you are looking to add fun and engaging toys to your collection for your little ones then you should definitely check out all three of these.

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