Pearls Of Wisdom For Children’s Pearly Whites

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Let’s take a look at a few surprising facts about kids and teeth. Four million preschoolers suffer from tooth decay – that’s more than 18% of the population under 18 in the country. And, 40% of kids aged between two and five have cavities.

As you can see, kids and parents in the US aren’t taking oral hygiene too seriously. Of course, you only want what is best for you child, but tooth decay doesn’t rank high on the list. After all, there are meals to make, clothes to buy, and disasters to avert. Still, oral hygiene is part of your kid’s health and it needs maintaining just like everything else.

With that in mind, it is time to take their pearly whites more seriously than before. If you don’t know where to start, you can begin by reading the following. Here are the tips of which every parent should be aware.

Start Early

Even if you have the best intentions, the odds are not in your favor. Because one in four kids show the signs of tooth decay before they start school, it’s clear that people are reactionary. If you fall into this category, it is vital that you start cleaning their teeth as soon as possible, such as when their first tooth appears. Sure, it is only one tooth, so the damage is not going to be catastrophic. However, it is about more than cleaning – it is about teaching them the routine. The earlier they know about brushing, the sooner they will fall into line when more peggies begin to appear.

Clean Thoroughly

Everyone thinks they know what constitutes thorough teeth cleaning, yet lots get in wrong. Although seven out of ten people brush twice a day, they don’t do it properly. For example, did you know that you needed to clean teeth for up to two minutes? And that you need to include your gums within your daily brushing routine? Most people don’t because they have never bothered to ask, and that affects your children’s oral hygiene. Try and make sure they clean their teeth at least twice a day for two minutes or more. Also, don’t forget to floss and mouthwash afterwards for the best results.

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Watch Out For Fluoride

It is worth noting that fluoride is a material that helps strengthen teeth. The issue with kids and this substance is sensitivity. Milk or baby teeth are very fragile, so too much of it will start to erode the enamel and get to the root. Add to the fact that fluoride is in everything from toothpaste to water, and there is an obvious problem. The trick for every parent is simple: buy a paste that doesn’t have a high content of fluoride. As a rule, try sticking to no less than 1000 ppm but under 2000 ppm. Usually, every good specialist toothpaste does use this number as a marker, so there should be no problems. But, just in case, it is worth checking out the ingredients on the back of the packet.

Schedule Dentist Appointments

On average, an adult sees their dentist once every six months, which is twice a year. From your point of view, that is plenty because grown-up teeth can withstand a lot of punishment. Because baby teeth are sensitive, kids need to see an oral expert at least once every three months or four times a year. A good dentist near you specializing in emergencies and routine checkups can spot any issues before it’s too late. Plus, as medical professionals, they are great sources of information should you have any questions. A tip: opt for a dentist that deals exclusively with kids. Then, you know that everything they do is child-related and in their best interests.

Ask For Dental Sealants

An example of using a dentist as a source of information is a dental sealant. On average, one in three kids receives sealants before their permanent teeth come through. However, experts agree that a coating is an excellent way to protect vulnerable teeth from decay. Quite simply, the dentist applies a protective substance to the teeth which help prevent issues cavities. If you want to be a proactive oral hygienist, sealants are the way to go.

There is no doubt that parents have a lot on their plate. Still, a Hollywood smile and nice breath are mandatory features in today’s world. So, it is vital that kids look after their teeth and gums on a daily basis.


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