Paw-Fect Dog Breeds For Young Children

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Dogs are loyal family companions, and quickly become just like any other relative. Your kids will love having a mut around who they can play with and run around with in the garden. But one reason why so many families don’t get a dog is that they are worried that it could become a danger for children. It’s true that some breeds of dog aren’t suitable to have around young children, including Rottweilers and Alsatians. But there are plenty out there that are great around very young children. Here are some to consider.

Paw-Fect Dog Breeds For Young Children

A Newfoundland




Newfoundlands are gentle giants. These huge dogs can grow to be around 140 pounds, but even they may look slightly imposing, they are extremely kind natured and loving. And their peaceful nature makes them brilliant friends to young children. And they are also very peaceful to other dogs and pets. Another bonus about Newfoundlands is that they can be trained very easily indeed. Your kids will love just how fluffy this pooch is, and will never tire of giving it lots of cuddles!




Labradors already have a sterling reputation as being a fantastic family pet, and they are always one of the most sought-after breeds for families. They have a very friendly nature and are always totally loyal to their owner. One thing to bear in mind if you are considering a Lab is that they require a lot of exercise. In fact, you should be prepared to take them for two walks a day!

Paw-Fect Dog Breeds For Young Children

A Boxer Dog




Even though Boxer dogs may sometimes look quite fierce, you may be surprised to hear that they are excellent with young children. They are very friendly animals and will love rolling around and playing with your kids. Unfortunately, Boxers are prone to come health conditions, but these can be managed if you put your pooch on one of the brands of best dog food for Boxers. These brands have all the nutrients needed to keep your Boxer in top health!


Bassett Hound


The breeds I’ve already mentioned are all extremely active and will need a lot of walks. Don’t have the time for all that exercise? Then why not consider getting a Bassett Hound? These super cute pups aren’t that active, and you won’t have to walk them until they tire out. Their low energy levels mean that they aren’t overly boisterous either, which is good for children who are sometimes nervous around lively dogs.

Paw-Fect Dog Breeds For Young Children

An Australian Shepherd


Australian Shepherd


Australian Shepherds are easy to train and also very lively. They will love all the attention you can give them, and are very eager to please their owners. However, as they are extremely loyal, they will want to protect you and your family at all times so you might experience some aggression when they are around other dogs or strangers. This breed will also bark a lot if anyone passes your house, so they are a brill choice if you are looking for a guard dog!


So many fantastic dogs – can’t we just take them all home!

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